Pointer Media Update

Pointer Media Update

Pointer Media has recently been updated and there are new things on the website! Everything you remember from the website is still there, but here is a some information on what’s new.


Keeping it Current Article

Written on School News and Events once weekly. Accessible through Keeping it Current section of News tab, News page, or Home page.


Pointer Pod

Mineral Point High School’s NEW Podcast is COMING SOON! This will be a twice-monthly, interview-based podcast. The podcast may also include some other bits that will be announced as the podcast is getting started. The show will be starting sometime in the future, and the hosts have not been decided yet.

Pointer Pictures

This is the section of the website for pictures to be posted. If you have pictures from a sports game, event, or anything else happening at Mineral Point High School, send them to us through the contact section of the website.

Video Specials

Here, you will be able to find video specials created by Pointer Media staff.


Clicking on Sports will still take you to sports news, but here are some of the new parts of the sports section, found when scrolling over sports on the navigation bar.

Blue Crew Bulletin

This is the once-weekly sports article written about #PointerNation Athletics. Check out the first story right now!

Coach’s Corner

Here is another one of our new projects. Coach’s Corner is a twice-monthly video special. Here, we will take coaches to the field or court, and interview them on past game’s results, their goals for the remainder of the season, and some questions that you won’t want to miss. This show will be starting soon, and it will be hosted by Matthew Goninen and Eli Lindsey.

Player of the Week

Starting with either spring sports or sports next fall, we will have a player of the week. This player can come from any sport will be decided by Pointer Media staff. Stories will include player statistics and information on their week’s performance. Each player can only be chosen once each season (Fall, Winter, Spring).



Pointer Media now has an Opinion section. This is the part of the website where the student body can let their voice be heard. Opinion articles can be written on any topic. All opinion articles can be submitted through the contact section. All articles will be reviewed, edited (grammatical and formatting), and accepted by Pointer Media Staff. Anybody that would like to write frequent articles and be featured can write a column, where they will write frequent articles on whatever’s on their mind.


If you have something you want to share, but don’t want to write as frequently? You have the option to write an editorial instead. In an editorial, you can just write a short, opinionated story to be published on Pointer Media.

Pointers Review: FEAT

This is the new section of the website. Here, students can write short reviews on Food, TV Shows, Books, Movies, Songs, and Apps. These are short, one-paragraph reviews, and they will be submitted through the Google Form found in the Contact Section.


Comment any questions you have, or contact us!