Dodge-Point Varsity Soccer Beats Platteville/Lancaster


October 12

After a long hiatus, the Dodge-Point United soccer team lept back into action on Monday night, facing off against Platteville/Lancaster. A real clash of titans! JV played first, and played one heck of a game against their opponents, hoping to recapture their previous victory against them way back at the start of the season. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they failed to secure another victory and were dealt a crushing 2-4 blow. On a brighter note, the varsity team fared much better, turning the tables on their opponents and handed them a glorious 4-2 victory. Malachi Strompolis contributed towards said triumph by scoring 1 goal and assisting another. As of right now, Dodge-Point is classified as a Conference co-champ, and winning either one of the two games they have coming up (Thursday and Friday, fingers crossed) will officially render them as Conference Champions. Very exciting!


By Derek Hottenstein