Dodge-Point Soccer Crowned SWC Conference Champions


October 15

After some uncertainty, the Dodge-Point United Soccer team played a match against River Valley on Thursday, taking no prisoners as per usual. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to apply to JV all that much, as while this ended up being their final game of the season, they were unable to end with a win and lost to their opponents 1-3. It wasn’t all bad though, as Jackson Bush scored a goal and as a result, they were able to end the game without it being a total loss. Varsity, on the other hand, ended their game on the opposite end of the spectrum with a cool 3-1 win. This actually resulted in them being crowned SWC Conference Champions. It was a cool moment to be sure. The Varsity has one game remaining which they will play tomorrow against Richland Center. After that, it’s off to the playoffs!


By Derek Hottenstein