Dodge-Point Soccer Beats Wisconsin Dells


October 24

Ba-da bing ba-da boom! On Saturday, the Varsity Dodge-Point soccer team battled Wisconsin Dells in a nail-biting conflict for the title of Regional Champions. While the game itself seemed to swing back and forth in each team’s favor, it ultimately proved a moot point as while the game itself ended 1-1, two un-scoring overtime periods resulted in a PK shootout that nabbed Dodge-Point the win with a final score of 5-3. It truly was a tense game, as nobody officially scored (there was a Dodge-Point goal, but it was deemed invalid) in the second half or any of the two overtime periods. This resulted in a PK shootout that Dodge-Point won handily, scoring 4 goals (two more than their opponents) and securing their victory after a long grapple for dominance. Both Drew Hottenstein and Jared Wedig contributed their considerable shooting talents to help make their PK triumph a reality. They play again next Thursday at Sauk City against Sauk Prairie as part of their Sectional Champions campaign. Here’s hoping that they pull it off! They’ve come too far just to stop now.


By Derek Hottenstein