Girls Basketball Wins 60-26


December 10

Last night the Lady Pointer hosted the Boscobel Bulldogs. JV crushed the Bulldogs with a final score of 45-10. The top scorer being Morgan Lee, with 11 points. The varsity also dominated the Bulldogs with a fantastic score of 60-26. The leading scorer, Mallory Lindsey, scored a mighty 21 points! Mallory said, “I thought our team took a huge step in the right direction last night. It started on the defensive end and on the boards, where we recommitted to doing the things that make us successful. Offensively, we did a really good job moving the basketball and finding our open teammates. We still have a long way to go, but if we keep improving game to game, this team is capable of great things.” Macy Aschliman and Blair Watters also added 8 points. The Lady Pointers will travel to Riverdale Saturday Afternoon. As of now, the JV game is canceled. The varsity game is scheduled for 2:30, with the possibility of being moved up to 1:00 because of the canceled JV game. No fans will be allowed in the gym. If you would like to watch the game, you can go to and click on the MPTV icon. 


-Madisyn Heim, Addison Ryser, and Breanna Goninen