Boys Basketball Beats Belmont


December 28

The Mineral Point JV team played Belmont. The Mineral Point JV team has been red hot lately and has been a tough team to beat. The Pointers had another one of those games where they couldn’t miss, as the Pointers won big. Coach Jelly stated, “We still need to work on taking care of the ball as well as we can. There will always be some turnovers, but all you can do is try to limit those turnovers.”


By: Gibsen Sporle


After several days off following Christmas break, the Mineral Point Varsity Boys Basketball team returned with a vengeance against Belmont on Monday night. They may have had a rough start, but they soon turned the tables and successfully secured the victory they were seeking, ending with a hefty 68-17 final score. In terms of heavy scorers, we had Joah Filardo making the largest gain with a sum of 20 points. While other players such as Liam Stumpf still contributed in meaningful ways, with 9 points and 12 rebounds, and Ian Keyes and Dominik McVay scoring 8 points each, and Tanner Goninen rounding out the game with 5 steals. All in all, it was quite the fine game, with Coach Burreson finding how well the team played together as his favorite part of the game.  He liked how “everybody defended, everybody rebounded and we shared the ball on offense.” There’s supposed to be another challenge for the Pointers to face, this time against Blackhawk on Wednesday. Let’s hope they can pull similar results.


By: Derek Hottenstein