Pointer JV Football Loses in a Heartbreak Against Cuba City


September 20

The Pointers and Cubans matched up very well as nobody could get anything going in the first half. Right before the half, the Pointers had a goal-line stop at the one-yard line where they got a turnover on downs. It was looking bad right out of half for the pointers as they had to punt right away. After a horrible punt, the Cubans were in very good field position where they punched it in and got the two-point conversion. The Pointers got the ball back and had to punt right away once again; after the punt, the Cubans were set to score on the Pointers 30 yard line, and they did but failed to make the two-point conversion. After the score, the Pointers had a very good kick return by sophomore Luke FIlardo down to the Cuban 4-yard line. The Pointers punched it in and got the two-point conversion. The Cubans scored again and fail the two-point conversion; the score was now 20-8 Cubans. The Pointers turned it over on downs, but Pointer Alan James got the ball back on fumble recovery by the defensive end. The Pointers then got a 70-yard touchdown on a screen pass where quarterback Gibsen Sporle connected with running back Quinton Gunderson. The Pointers tried an onside kick and almost recovered it, but the ball rolled out of bounds. The Cubans then ran the clock out and the Cubans would win 20-14. The Pointer JV team has fallen to 2-3 as they take on the Lancaster Flying Arrows in their next matchup.

-Jaxson Wendhausen, Luke Filardo, and Alex Ross.