JV Football Wins in an Exciting Fashion Against the Golden Eagles


October 8th

The Pointers were looking to end with a winning record this year and they did just that. The Pointers and Eagles couldn’t get anything going in the first quarter as it ended with a 0-0 tie. Quickly after the first quarter ended, the Eagles put points on the board with a touchdown, but they failed the two-point conversion. The Pointers answered right back with a 30-yard receiving touchdown by Brock Lynch from Gibsen Sporle. The Pointers got the two-point conversion and went into halftime with an 8-6 lead. Neither team could get anything going in the third quarter as the Pointers lead going into the fourth. The Eagles scored with 7 minutes left but failed the two-point conversion again. The score was now 12-8 in favor of the Eagles. The Pointers drove all the way down to the 3-yard line. They were stopped by the Eagles on fourth down. The Pointers got a safety right after that to make the score 12-10 and get the ball back. The Pointers had the ball with 1 minute left on the 40-yard line of the Eagles. After a big reception by Tucker Dannenberg to get the Pointers down to the 15-yard line, the Pointers were faced with a fourth and long. Gibsen Sporle caught the snap, rolled out, fumbled the ball, picked it back up, and threw it up to Tucker Dannenberg who caught the ball in the endzone for a Pointer touchdown with 20 seconds left. The JV football team won the game 16-12, and finish their season with a record of 5-3.

By- Jaxson Wendhausen