Up the Alley Nutrition

Up the Alley Nutrition is a great place to head to if you need to fuel up and just go and get a drink with your friends. Up the Alley is located on High Street in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. They have a variety of drinks: protein shakes, LIT teas, coffees, and drinks that can include collagen, aloe, boba, h30 (hydration), cold fighter, or probiotic! Also available are their Herbalife Nutrition supplies so you can create your own drinks at home or get a souvenir cup! There are many benefits of getting drinks at Up The Alley including they’re full of protein, hydrating, and taste delicious. We talked to employee Niki Plachinski about her insight working at Up The Alley. We learned that the owner, Amber Stetz, owns the Darlington “Off The Trail” and was looking for a second location. When asked if she ever thought she would open a shop like this when she was younger, Niki Plachinski said no because she was really into teaching makeup which got her into art which made her want to become an art teacher. When asked how business is doing for just opening up Niki Planchinski stated, “For just opening, we are doing on point!” Nikki Plachinski’s favorite drink to make is the beauty bomb because it’s easy to make and is used to get healthy hair, skin, nails, and energy. “Lit Tea is by far the most popular drink,” Niki Plachinski claimed. According to Niki Plachinski, the busiest day of the week is Saturday all day because all of the tourists are mainly in our area on Saturdays! Make sure to check out “Up The Alley” on high street Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm and Saturday 9 am-1 pm! 


By: Laci Lindsey, Izzy Dannenberg, Raegan Galle 

Interviewed: Niki Plachinski


Pictures from – Amber Stetz and Laci Lindsey