Dodge Point Cross Country Girls Win State

Keep Scrolling to See Inside the Minds of Our Amazing Runners


October 30th 

Pointers and Dodgers together have shown once again that they are devoted to running and taking the lead. Girls have taken 1st place in Division 2 5000 meter run. Coming in 4th, Ellie Robinson, 7th, Annie Robinson, 22nd Julia Thompson, and 62nd, Haylee Kearns. The boys also did a great job, coming in 5th place. Will Aurit coming 16th place, Dylan Wasley, in 44th. Cody Yoder in 57nd. Layne Aurit coming in 82nd. Overall, a great job to all the runners. 

-Written By Keller Sweeny

Cross Country Q and A 

What was your immediate reaction to winning?

Regan Schuette-  “I was talking with Denny and the other coaches when we were told. We started screaming and jumping up and down, then I went to find my teammates, but they had all gone back to the tent already! I got to tell a lot of people for the first time on the way. I really couldn’t believe it had happened.”

Grace Wersal- “My immediate reaction to winning was pure happiness. I dropped to the ground in tears, it was so surreal, and I still don’t believe that this is real life.”

Anna Robinson-I realized we were state champs while walking back to the tent. My dad had looked on the live timing and saw we had won.”

Addison Christopher- “I first realized that I won the state title when I was walking back from the tent with a few of the JV girls. Johnny Robinson was running by and yelled at us that we won, and we all started jumping around screaming.”

Ellen Robinson– “When I walked back to the tent area, I realized we were state champs, and the live results were up, and I saw that we won!”


What is your practice routine for running? 

Regan Schuette- “Don’t complain, and try to have as much fun as we can. Our coaches always make sure we’re feeling okay and try to keep us laughing through the pain of running (especially hills).”

Grace Wersal- “My practice routine for running is to run lots of miles and live, laugh, love.”

Anna Robinson-Our practice routine consists of many miles, hills, and some speed workouts during the week.”

Addison Christopher-Go through every practice exactly how Denny and Joe say you do -don’t do anything more or less than they ask.”


Have you always been a great runner? 

Regan Schuette- “I was okay in middle school, but I started getting a lot better in high school because of the more intense workouts. I went from finishing in the top 1/2 of runners to the top 1/4 or 1/5.”

Grace Wersal- “In middle school, I was ok, definitely not great, and I faked injuries, so I didn’t have to run. I dropped out of a race once because I didn’t feel like running that day.”

Anna Robinson-  “In middle school, when I first started cross country, I didn’t know what it was going to be like, but as soon as me and Ellie started winning meets and progressing as runners, it felt like we were supposed to run, and we were always going to do well in any race as long as we worked hard.”

Haylee Kearns- “I started running my freshman year and didn’t realize it was something I was good at and enjoyed until then. I’ve always felt like I was one of the better ones, the coaches always told me I was a smart runner and knew what I was doing. Over the years I feel like the competition has gotten better but that just makes you work harder.”

Ellen Robinson- “I wasn’t the best runner my first year, but the more I practiced, the better I got to be where I am now.”


How do you keep your stamina up? 

Regan Schuette- “I think about how good it would feel to be done running, how awesome it would be if I PR’d, and how much I would hate losing to Grace, who I was pretty even with the whole year”

Grace Wersal- “I keep my stamina up by trying to relax, and I like to talk to the people I’m running with, even if they aren’t on my team. I complimented a girl’s socks one time, and Regan yelled at me even though it made me smile, so I felt like I could go faster. Also, seeing people I know is motivating, I smile and wave big at them, and they think I’m crazy for having that much energy in the middle of my race.”

Anna Robinson- “Running in the summer makes a big difference in how you do during the season. For our team running together in the summer is what keeps us going during the season.”

Addison Christopher- “I always try to focus on the positives of everything that is happening. I would say the cheers from the crowd definitely keep me going and running strong.”

Ellen Robinson- “I run in the summer and have a lot of fun at practice with my team.”

Haylee Kearns- “By taking it day by day and working at it 24/7. Cross-country is a mental toughness sport, you need to have the mindset of you are gonna finish the race and to keep going. I think my teammates and coaches play a big role in my stamina because they are always so positive and make running fun.”


What’s Next? 

Anna Robinson- “I will either compete in another race or play basketball and focus on track season in the spring.”

Addison Christopher- “I definitely look forward to my next three years of cross country.”

Ellen Robinson- “I will be doing basketball during the winter and then get back to running for the spring track and field season.”