Wordle. The simple game that has taken everybody by storm. I’ve seen it everywhere! My parents talk about it a lot, my friends play it at school, and I’ve even seen it parodied on Saturday Night Live. So what’s the history behind this game?

Wordle was created by a man named John Wardle. I find that pretty funny because “Wardle” and “Wordle” are very similar. Side note, why is “Wordle” 6 letters, and the point of the game is figuring out a 5-letter word? This really sounds like a missed opportunity to me.

Anyway, I have now decided that the way to fame and fortune isn’t to work hard to get noticed. All you have to do is create some simple little thing on the internet and wait for people to talk about it on social media and then get famous. That is why I will be launching my new product, Schmordle. It is a Completely Original word game where you have to guess 9-letter words. Fame and fortune, here I come! Now, I’m just waiting for the New York Times to notice me…