Dear Evan Hansen Field Trip


On Tuesday, May 10, I went with the book club and the senior music kids on a field trip to Madison to see the musical Dear Evan Hanson. I had a blast! Madison is a really neat place to be because there’s so much stuff to take in. Seeing college students all around is so cool as well. I could be one of those people in a few years!
First of all, I’ll describe the bus ride to Madison. It was basically exactly how you’d imagine a bunch of music kids and book club kids packed on a bus to be like. We had a few epic Super Smash Bros battles, speculations on many career paths, and just general chaos and turpitude. We picked up Mr. Smith at a park and he then got to join the bus ride.

When we arrived at Madison, the band seniors and book club diverged. The book club went to Ian’s Pizza and enjoyed some giant slices of pizza. I tried macaroni and cheese pizza, which I must say is pretty good, but I’ve heard people say that it’s amazing. I wouldn’t quite go there. There was also one of those really fancy fountain drink dispensers with a touch screen and millions of flavors. So many flavors, in fact, that the whole prospect of the dispenser goes from really cool to overwhelming. I just poured myself a normal creme soda and enjoyed my mac n cheese pizza. We also had some ice cream at a fancy shop. I’m not sure what it was called, but it had fudge, so much chocolate, and of course ice cream.

Finally, it was time to watch Dear Evan Hanson. All of the actors and actresses were so impressive! I think my favorite song was “Sincerely Me.” Just thinking about that song has gotten it stuck in my head, so it must be a good song. My favorite part was probably the choreography during the chorus because it looked like they were genuinely having fun when they were dancing. Also, I wasn’t sure how Evan would be able to schmooze himself out of the huge pickle he found himself in, but he did! So congrats to him.

Another cool quirk of seeing that musical was that it was at the same stage I performed with the WSMA State Honors Band last year! I remember sitting in the box seats during the dress rehearsal and playing rock paper scissors with the people sitting on the other side. That was certainly one of my favorite memories.

Everyone was pretty tired after the musical, so the ride back to Point was pretty uneventful. I tried to draw, but if you’ve ever been on a school bus on Wisconsin roads, you’d agree with me that it’s not the best condition for drawing. One of my friends tied my shoes together, but joke’s on them because I could feel them tying my shoes together. We ended up getting home at around 11 pm. I’d say that the field trip was really fun, and I gratefully enjoyed the added bonus of not losing anything while on the trip!