Dodge-Point Soccer Falls to Middleton

Sep 8, 2022

It’s always exciting whenever the DodgePoint Soccer team faces off against a D1 school. It puts everybody to the absolute test, which is fun to see. In this case, the team went up against Middleton in a home game extraordinaire.

JV took a crack at the visitors first, but couldn’t quite compete with the sheer volume of plays being dished out by the much larger school. DP put up a valiant effort, but it all amounted to a 0-2 final score with the win on behalf of the Middleton away team. Dang.

The Varsity made their move afterward. They hit the ground running and kept the intensity for all 80 minutes of game time but, unfortunately, so did Middleton. A few well-placed shots later and the DodgePoint Varsity team was left with the bitter taste of a 0-4 loss. Middleton really came to play, and play they did. DP fought the good fight, with plenty of opportunities just out of reach. But that’s soccer for you. It all comes down to who manages to capitalize on a fleeting moment of weakness. That being said, I’m sure this ordeal provided new perspective to chew on that will make DodgePoint United a more consistent player throughout the season. Everyone else, watch out!