Iowa County Fair Swine Show

Iowa County Fair Swine Show

The swine show at the Iowa County Fair occurred on September 2nd, a Friday night. It started at 6 pm. There were many people lined up to show their pigs. They were busy getting their pigs ready by washing them and making sure they looked presentable. I decided to interview Nora Thering who shows her pigs with her 4-H club, The Clyde Go-Getters. 

What’s your favorite thing about showing pigs? 

“ I like to just be able to show off all of my hard work that I did throughout the summer. I also love to trade my pigs once I’m done showing them.” 

How many hours a week do you have to train your pigs?

“ I usually train my pigs for at least 6 hours total a week. But most of the time, I help wash them and make sure that they are fed. I will also work on showing them and making sure that they will be presentable.”

What’s the highest bid that you’ve ever gotten at auctions?

“ The highest bid I ever got at the Iowa County auction was either 700 or 800 dollars. But at my school fair, the highest bid I got would be 600 dollars.”

The 2022 Iowa County Fair swine show was successful once again. 

The swine show results

Barrow: Brody Meyers

Gilt: Bryn Meyers

According to the Iowa County Fair website,  the Iowa County Fair has been in Mineral Point since 1856.