MP Key Club


Maddie Nodolf

Key Club Officers

Key Club is a local, national, and international organization that serves the community and supports student leadership opportunities. Ms. Sincox is the supervisor of the Mineral Point Key Club and the officers are Lorelei Allbright, Malea Aschliman, Sophia Stephenson, and Regan Schutte.

OFrom interviewing our Mineral Point Key Club officers, they all agreed that service day is their favorite memory. They love supervising, seeing all the fantastic work being done, and giving back to the community. Another favorite memory that was mentioned was the fall festival and the costume parade.

Kiwanis and Circle-K are the same thingsthing as Key Club but for different age groups. Key Club is for high school students, Kiwanis is for adults, and Circle-K is for college students. Several schools and community-related events and fundraisers happen in this club. Some of the fundraisers include the Halloween Costume Contest at Orchard Lawn, Santagrams, concessions for girls’ basketball games, and the Cupidgrams that are sold before Valentine’s Day.

The Key Club’s main fundraiser is working concessions during MP Girls Basketball. This supports local organizations in need and also goes to fund student scholarships. Key Club joins Kiwanis with two activities to raise money. One is during the fall, the Halloween Costume Contest, and the other in the spring, Pi day. Key club plays a significant part in community clean up by helping the sick, elderly, or just local areas in need. Being a part of this club can be very beneficial. A point system is kept, and that system helps gain scholarships to the students who are a part of this club.

“The earlier you get involved, the better,” Ms. Sincox said.