Mineral Point Wrestling Preview

The Mineral Point wrestling season is underway at Mineral Point High School. Wrestling is a big deal in the small town of Mineral Point, and one of the things the wrestling program is widely known for is the pizza sale! This takes a lot of time and preparation, but in the end, the pizzas always come out delicious.

When asked what his favorite part of pizza making is, Mr. Schmitz, retired head coach of the wrestling team said, “I think it’s just seeing all the families coming together and working as a team.” Schmitz adds that seeing everyone come together as a team epitomizes what the wrestling program in Mineral Point is all about. Jimmy Tibbits, a senior wrestler at MPHS replied, “My favorite thing is probably just getting together as a team.” He likes to mess around with the team while making some good ole pizzas. Kyle Carey, a teacher at MPHS and father of sophomore Roen Carey, shared that his favorite pizza is the sausage combo duo.

Christina Collier

We then asked them some questions about the upcoming season. “What are your predictions for the season?” Jimmy confidently states, “I think we’re gonna have a solid season. There are a few holes in the team, but if we can get that balanced out, I feel like we got a good shot at being pretty well [this year].” Kyle Carey said, “For the wrestling season? I’m already most excited about the state tournament. It’s probably my favorite event of the year.” In addition, he said the tournament is his favorite event because of the excitement and energy that comes with it. Lastly, Schmitz said, “How do you think the season is going to go?” He said, “If we can continue to get better from week to week, I think we’ll make a run.”

Christina Collier

The wrestling program in Mineral Point is a huge deal to many people, especially the teachers and families of the wrestlers. Hopefully, the team makes it to team state and wins as they did in the 20-21 season, and some of the wrestlers make it to state and claim a state title. The energy at state is exhilarating for coaches, wrestlers, fans, and definitely a time to remember. Everyone cannot wait to see what this upcoming season will bring and are excited for everything to come.