Athlete Profile – Mac Busser


Kit Finley

Mac Busser

MP Athlete Profile – Mac Busser

This week we are checking in with Mac Busser, a junior at Mineral Point High School.
Mac has been wrestling since 1st grade and has connected with different wrestlers throughout the years, creating many friendships. We asked Mac a few questions about wrestling, and here’s what we got.
Mac stated that it was Coach Shmittz who pushed him into wrestling. His favorite thing about wrestling is that it’s very independent, and he gets to control the outcome of the match. While wrestling, Mac has learned how to keep calm in uncomfortable situations.
His goals for this season are to make it further than his previous season and not to get injured. He wants to improve his performance by staying in a good mindset and being positive while wrestling. Mac commented that being in a good mood always helps with his control on and off the mat.
Mac’s pre-game ritual consists of listening to upbeat music as he tries to make weight. Mac also added that his favorite person to wrestle with during practice is Tarrin Riley because he’s a fun person to be around.
When asked what wrestling has done for him, he said it helped him by getting him in shape for all the other sports he does, and it’s made him tougher in any situation off or on the mat.
Mac currently is wrestling at 220 lbs for the varsity team. Mac has had a successful wrestling career and hopes to continue wrestling throughout high school. When on the mat Mac’s work ethic is stronger than ever, he never stops pushing himself to his limits to win the match. Mr.Fiedler said, “Mac’s one of the hardest workers in the room, and he would rather have more than his success is the team being successful.”