Halftime Entertainment

On Tuesday, February 14th, and Thursday, February 23rd, Mineral Point’s very own Halftime Entertainment, run by Mrs. Staver and Alea Lindsey, performed at halftime of the Mineral Point Boys Basketball game.

There are three groups, the minis, the juniors, and the seniors. The mini’s age range from 3-7 years old. The junior’s age range from 8-11 years old. The senior’s age range from 12-18 years old. This is a co-op of Darlighton and Mineral Point, but, of course, others are welcome.

Halftime Entertainment usually performs four times a year—two times for football season and two times for boy’s basketball season. Every season halftime performs, the theme of the shirts change from white, black, and gray. Halftime had black t-shirts with pink and white ink for the performance of this boys basketball game. Mrs. Staver gets creative with her music choices. This season her music mash-up choices were “Hey DJ” for the minis, “Gimme All Your Digits” for the juniors, and “One More Time” for the seniors.  Mrs. Staver also choreographs each group’s dances and ensures it’s clean and sharp.

Before the first performance, there are at least five practices to learn and perfect the routines. The Sunday before the week of the big show, there is a rehearsal. Wherever Halftime Entertainment will perform is where the rehearsal will be located. Those days can get a little crazy because the little ones learn their spots and how to line up. They usually do an excellent job with that and look super cute with their dance. Overall, the halftime show that Halftime Entertainment puts on is always outstanding and gets good feedback from the audience.

Fantastic job to all of the kids who participated during basketball season, and we’ll see you again for our next football season in the fall.

Dane Hirsch