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Meet Christian Pisano: an Exchange Student at Mineral Point

Christian Pisano.

Meet Christian Pisano: an exchange student at Mineral Point

Christian Pisano is an exchange student here since this september. He is 17 years old, from Sardinia, Italy and is spending 10 months in Mineral Point to learn English and discover American culture. He agreed to answer our questions to learn more about him and his experience as an exchange student in Mineral Point.

Why did he want to do an exchange year?
Since he was a child, he dreamed of visiting the USA. He also thinks it’s really important to learn English. An exchange year during his high school years was the perfect opportunity for him to discover this country and its culture.

What’s his favorite place in MP?
Christian likes the downtown of Mineral Point, especially when the streets are snowy. He also appreciates the artistic part of Mineral Point and its art gallery.

What does he think about Mineral Point High School?
He loves the gymnasium and found it awesome that the school offers many different activities to the students. He really appreciates playing on the football team during the fall.

What is his favorite class?
Biology 2 with Mr. Steger is his favorite class. In this class, he has the occasion to experience multiple labs, like dissecting. He finds this really interesting.

What was his favorite part of our exchange year?
Christian enjoys the ambiance of the sports activity at school. He loved playing football and watching MP Volleyball and MP Basketball games. He is excited to begin the baseball season.

What is his Italian daily routine?
He wakes up around 7 am to get ready for school. His Italian school starts at 8:15 am, so he usually gets out of the house at 8 o’clock. His mom gives him a ride to school because he can’t drive yet. At 1:15 pm, after 5 hours of school, he gets out and goes home to get lunch. After lunch, he studies at home and then he goes to the gym. In the afternoon he hangs out with his friends. He finally eats his dinner and goes to sleep around 11pm.

What is his American daily routine?
He usually wakes up at 6:40 and goes to get his breakfast. His typical American breakfast is a bowl of cereal and milk. Then he’s getting ready. His friend gives him a ride to school. He finishes school at 3:25. After school he usually goes to his seasonal sports practice (football and baseball). Then back home, he’s resting. During the volleyball and basketball season, he was going to the games.

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