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The Student News Site of Mineral Point High School

Pointer Media

The Student News Site of Mineral Point High School

Pointer Media

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Mission Statement

@mpbluecrew is the location for content created by the multimedia members of the student section here at Mineral Point High School. The Blue Crew Managers use their platform on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, as well as MPTV on youtube, to provide accurate and reliable news and updates containing news that pertains to Pointer Sports.

Post Information

Opinions expressed in posts are those of the creator(s).  The opinion(s) that may be found in captions is(are) completely the opinion of the creator(s) and may not necessarily be the opinion of Pointer Media’s advisors, Pointer Media’s staff, or Mineral Point’s staff and administrators. For the most part, all content published by @mpbluecrew is objective, but when reporting the news and maintaining a strong follower base on social media, there is a chance that occasional subjective matters may be included in the captions of posts.

Comment Policy

The Blue Crew values the opinion of its followers and encourages them to discuss its content in the comments.

Comments containing profane, threatening, or disrespectful language will not be published and will be reported to the administration.

Comments can be taken down by Blue Crew staff if necessary.

All threats are taken seriously. If we are worried about someone’s safety, the comment and related identifying information will be passed along.

All comments written from the school network are subject to the school’s policies.

Pointer Media welcomes strong opinions and criticism of our reporters’ work. However, personal attacks on reporters will not be published. If you have a problem with content published, please contact The Blue Crew via Direct Messaging services allowed on our platforms, or email the Blue Crew managers listed below.

The views expressed in comments are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the views of Pointer Media, advertisers/sponsors, or Mineral Point Schools.


Grammatical and factual errors will be corrected in a timely fashion as soon as they are detected. If you find an error, please let the reporter know by commenting on the story or emailing the reporter.  Errors will be corrected as soon as possible.


You can contact Blue Crew Managers Matthew Goninen and Eli Lindsey at their school emails ([email protected] and [email protected]) if you have any questions.

Content Submission

The Blue Crew appreciates help from anybody that is willing to submit content! If you have an idea for content or are submitting a finished project regarding content submission ideas posted to social media, please DM us @mpbluecrew for information on how to submit your content for publishing.