Back to School Plans fall into Place

Much has happened since the last Coronavirus Update. Today, we look a little bit further into what school will look like once we return on Monday, August 24th, and how the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed since then.

Back to School Blueprint

As the return to school approaches, here is what you can expect and what you are going to need to prepare for. Information from “Back to School Blueprint from Mineral Point Schools”

  • Students will begin the 2020-21 school year as planned, on Monday, August 24th
  • Due to Govorner Tony Evers’s Emergency Order, everybody five years and older will be required to wear a face covering when indoors, or when social distancing can not be practiced (unless you are the only person in a room)
  • School Dismissal time will be moved from 3:25 to 2:55 for both Buildings
  • There has been a slight modification to the Middle/High School Schedule- see below:


9th Grade & 6th Grade


11th Grade & 8th Grade


All Virtual


10th Grade & 6th Grade


12th Grade & 7th Grade

  • More information on bussing and food service will be available in the following weeks
  • More cleaning and safety measures will be put into place to help keep the schools clean

Here are the current numbers (as of 8/4/2020) from the Wisconsin DHS and The New York Times:

Iowa County:

65 Cases

0 Deaths


60,263 Cases

970 Deaths


Thank you for joining me in the latest edition of Coronavirus Updates. Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.