Erika Sullivan Brunson

Erika Sullivan Brunson

Erika Sullivan Brunson is a 2001 Mineral Point graduate. She attended UW- Platteville for both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She earned her Bachelor’s of Psychology with minors in Criminal Justice and Spanish and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Brunson has been a school counselor for 12 years, this being her first year at Mineral Point. Before coming to Mineral Point, Brunson worked as a school counselor for seven years in the Dodgeville School District, three years in Cuba City School District, and a year in the Richland Center School District.

In a recent interview, Mrs. Brunson was quoted saying, “I am excited to be returning to Mineral Point for a few reasons. First, I live in MP, and my children go to school at MPES, so just being able to be with them more is awesome.  Although they are excited now because they no longer have to ride the bus, I wonder if they’ll regret their excitement when they get to middle/high school!  Second, I love the school spirit and pride in MP!  Seeing and feeling the excitement for Homecoming and its festivities last week was amazing!  Everyone was involved and enthusiastic, and you could feel the joy.”

When asked why she chose to do what she does, Brunson replied, “This is always the toughest question. If I’m honest, I don’t truly know. I have always enjoyed working with young people, and for a while, worked with teenagers in the juvenile justice system. When I decided I wanted to go back to school and get my masters degree, I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do but managed to get connected to someone who really helped me make the connection between the things I was good at and the things I was passionate about.  And therefore, I went into school counseling. This person started as a professor in my master’s program and quickly became a mentor and friend.”

Mrs. Brunson was then asked about her favorite parts of her job; she said, “Talking and working with kids.  Oftentimes the things that kids are going through aren’t things that I can ‘fix.’ However, I can listen without judging that person, their feelings, or their experiences, and often just feeling heard helps people start to feel better. Additionally, I love helping kids find their passions and make plans for their future!”

Lastly, Mrs. Brunson was asked what she was looking forward to in the future at MPHS; she said, “What I am looking forward to most is just getting to know everyone.  Whether you are a student, staff member, or part of the community, I am anxious to learn about all of you!  I look forward to helping students find the intersection of their skills, interests, and passions and working with them to set goals.  Finally, I am looking forward to helping students learn more about themselves and their emotional intelligence, so they can face the world with confidence and strategies when life’s inevitable challenges present themselves.”

Mrs. Brunson’s counseling website is a great resource for everyone to find out things about high school and after!

By: Mya James