Iowa County Fair 2021

There was a lot of competition this year in the barns and a few things have changed from previous years, so we decided to talk to Lilli Berget, the Reserve Champion and 3rd Overall Market Lamb during the 2021 Iowa County Fair.

What do you do to prepare your animals for the fair? 

“Making sure your animals are prepared is one of the most important things to get ready for a show or fair. I would say I’m pretty competitive in livestock when it comes to sheep, so lots of time is put into that. Some things I do to prepare are work with their legs every other day. Meaning I put a mixture of conditioner and liquids to help grow shag on their legs. When they’re not getting worked, they have leg wraps on to protect their fur and keep them from picking at it. I also walk them and put them on a treadmill to create muscle. Another thing I do is work on showing them because if you want your animal to look the best, they have to show the best too. Last but not least, diet. The food they get is very specific to what they need, so keeping up to date on that is important.”

What would you change about the fair in the future? 

“The fair definitely runs pretty well, but I would like some ways to help the traffic flow and for the animals to be released Sunday night.” 

What changed about this year’s fair that was different from previous years?

“The fair usually stays pretty similar every year, but I noticed that they got rid of a couple of food stands, including Pizza Hut, Gyros, and the Donuts under the grandstand. They also added some like Lucky Cow, Jose’s, etc. Another thing they did was move the derby to be on Sunday instead of Monday.”

On the Midway…

Despite the rain over the weekend, we had some nice balmy days to go to the Midway. There were quite a few stomach-dropping rides, some classic fair food, and good spirits all around. The rides were a perfect range of scary and fun. A ferris wheel and a rotor were some of the attractions you would’ve seen if you went to the Midway. And many people did! There was a nice turnout of folks at the fair.



Champion Market Lamb: Reagan Suddeth

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Lillianna Berget 

3rd Overall: Lillianna Berget

4th Overall: Teagan Mcconnell

5th Overall: Keegan Wenger

Home Born and Raised Market Lamb Champion: Payton heins 

Grand Champion Ewe: Wesley Berget


Champion Female: Laci Lindsey 

Champion Steer: Atley Potterton 

Home Born and Raised steer Champion: Atley Potterton 


Grand Champion Barrow: Jaycee Tibbits 

Reserve Champion Barrow: Jimmy Tibbits 

Meat Goats: 

Champion Market Wether: Ellie Robinson 

Reserve Champion Market Wether: Joey Robinson 

Champion Meat Doe: Ellie Robinson 

Reserve Champion Doe: Joey Robinson 


Top 6 dairy breed representatives: Ella James 

Master Showmanship:

Jimmy Tibbits, Joey Robinson, Laurianna Dannenberg, Tatum Kite, Regan Suddeth, Teagan Mcconnell