Key Club Preview


The purpose of Key Club is to make the world a better place through service. From doing that we grow as individuals and as leaders. Key Club is run by students, whose goals are to give back to the community by participating in various community service-related activities. By joining Key Club, you will be able to provide service to the community and school, build character, friendship, and develop leadership skills. This year’s officers are:

President: Callie Pierce

Vice President: Kelsie Toay

Treasurer: Lorelei Allbright

Secretary: Malea Aschliman:

Communications Regan Schuette.

Ms. Sincox (Key Club Leader) said, “This year, we hope to be more active and involved than the previous years, as the COVID-19 pandemic limited our opportunities to give back to the community”. Some activities the Key Club partakes in includes Santa Grams, Pi Day, Highway Clean Up, Concession Stands, Community Service Day, Blood Drive, Valentine Cookies, Pumpkin Painting, Easter Egg Hunt, and more.