Iowa County Fair Time!


The 2022 Iowa County Fair was just like all the previous years I have gone to the fair. The excitement builds up before and during the fair and then the dreaded feeling when it ends. But overall, the fair is a fun experience for all ages. One of the first things I did when I got to the fair was head

straight for a ride. This year my first ride was the bullet. I enjoy this ride but my stomach does not so much. I also enjoyed other rides like the tilt-a-whirl, hustler, mind winder, and the Ferris wheel.

Isabella Graber
Isabella Graber

I enjoyed my time with friends checking out different shows like the Hypnotist, the demolition derby, the tractor pull, and bull riding.  We spent time going through all of the barns and seeing all of the animals. It is always fun to see classmates with their animals. 

My cousin and I enjoyed the food! It is the one time out of the year when we love to try all the different fair foods. We especially like funnel cakes and cheese fries. The fair wouldn’t be the same without the funnel cakes!

I have been going to the Iowa county fair since I was little. It is hard to believe that this small town has been holding the county fair for over 160 years. It is a family tradition for so many people.