Meet Bo

As of the new school year, the Pointer community gained a new member. 

Bocephus Blue Ottoway is the new Mineral Point Pointers therapy dog. His nickname is Bo. Therapy dogs are a great way for students to bond. Negative behavior is reduced and mental well-being is improved with the help of a friendly pup. Studies show that students also feel more connected and confident, according to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Bo is in training to be a therapy dog. The train will take around two years. He has to go through puppy pre-school and then obedience school before he gets his certification. He was born on May 28th, 2022. Mr. Ottoway adopted Bocephus on July 31, 2022, from Sleepy Valley Kennels. He is a golden retriever but his color is English cream. 

Sleeping, eating, and getting belly rubs are some of Bo’s favorite things. He has a blue kong that he loves to eat peanut butter out of. Mr. Ottoway named Bo’s big brother Blue Bocephus and so he decided to switch the name around to Bocephus Blue and call him Bo. 

Bo is a super chill puppy who loves to sleep during the passing period at school. He is always so calm, but he loves himself a banana or peanut butter. Mr. Ottoway said, “Bo has hundreds of dollars worth of toys but he would rather eat a stick.” Bo is an adorable new member of the Mineral Point Pointers.