MPHS Dress Code


MPHS is enforcing its strict dress code this school year, and the students and teachers have very different opinions about enforcing it. Should students be able to express their style and wear the clothing they want to wear? Students get why we have dress codes, and many people gave great examples of why, but the students think some of the rules need to be reconsidered.

Students at MPHS had many things to say about the dress code. Ellery Massey, a junior at MPHS, expressed that she wanted the dress code to be criticized because of its lack of taking into account different body shapes and how the same clothing can fit differently on each body. “Clothes fit differently on everybody.” Many other students like Jayden Shultz, Macy Kinch, and Mady Knuston, who are all freshmen at MPHS, said depending on the student and their body shape, they might get dress coded for the same piece of clothing, but others might not.

Mrs. Gollon and Mrs. Wahlin, two teachers at MPHS, stated that they would like to keep the dress code the same, but they do not want it to be as rigorous as wearing uniforms. Mrs. Wahlin also said that she wants stricter dress codes and that some teachers or staff let things slide. Mr. Austin, the principal at MPHS, stated that he would change nothing about the dress code. He made some very valid points about why we should not be allowed to wear alcoholic shirts or any type of political clothing. He also stated that if we were to ever have to wear uniforms, it would be hard for some people if they can or cannot afford it.

Teachers and students gave valid, excellent points on how they felt about the dress code. Right now, the school is following the school’s handbook that states that if you dress inappropriately and do not follow the guidelines, then you have to go home and change, and if you break these guidelines multiple times, then it will lead to a detention.