Mr. Leonard

Mr. Leonard at work.

Brett Bossert

Mr. Leonard at work.

Have you ever met a teacher as determined as Mr. Leonard? Here are some interesting facts about him.

Where did you go to college?

UW Platteville.

What was your favorite memory at UW Platteville?
I don’t think I have a singular memory. I think just the biggest thing was being able to play football down there. I got to know every year 100 new guys basically coming on to the football team.

What made you want to be a teacher?
I always enjoyed working with kids. Even when I was a senior in high school, I used to make trips to the elementary school in Pecatonica, down to Hollandale Elementary, and I would work with multiple kids down there. I looked up to Coach Stroman, my head football coach, and so I wanted to take his path.

Did anyone influence your decision?
Yeah, Coach Strommen. I looked up to him. He held everybody accountable.
I liked how he carried himself around the school. It was just something that I thought I could do as well.

What made Mineral Point school stand out to teach at rather than other schools?
Probably the main thing was when my son was born. We decided to move closer to home, with my wife being from Belmont and myself from Hollandale. I had a job at Cuba City for one year. I enjoyed that time there for the one year, but there were a few schools that I was willing to move to, to be even closer yet. Mineral Point, Barneveld, and Pecatonica were on that list. But when the opportunity at Mineral Point came up. I’m glad and happy that I was able to get that job.

Do you think you made the right choice?
Yeah, absolutely. I get to work with wonderful individuals like Brett Bossert.

What made you want to coach football in Mineral Point?
Coaching football has been something that I’ve always done. Since my playing career was done. I had coached basketball for four years at Darlington, but then the football thing has always been a passion of mine. I just felt like it was an area where I could influence kids
in a positive aspect. It’s the competitor in me too. I just love seeing the development of individuals. I think sometimes we forget that it takes time. Watching kids grow up and then move from maybe doing some things that they shouldn’t be doing to things that are more mature. I appreciate watching that growth.

Finally, what is one big goal you still want to accomplish?
Well, I’ll just go back to what I’ve told the kids all the time. You know, I do want to win a state championship. I’ve always thought about that. You know, whether I was an assistant coach here at Mineral Point or as a head coach, I want to win a state championship here. But I think the biggest goal is just what we’re doing every day and developing better men, putting better men into the community who are responsible. And you know, that can be role models for their kids and other people as well.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.