Mrs. Chappel Interview

Have you ever met someone who loves helping kids, camping, and being kind as much as Mrs. Chappell? Well, I got a chance to sit down with her, and here’s what I got to know.

Why did you want to do this job that you are in today?
The reason why I chose to work in the school is because I enjoy kids. I have a grandson that has special needs, so that’s why I work in the special ed department.

What motivated you to do this job?
Kind of what I just said, I wanted to be with kids. I did daycare when my son was little, so why not?

What are your favorite hobbies to do out of school?
Okay, you know that. You don’t even have to ask, I love camping.

If you have many hobbies, what would be your favorite one to do?
Camping is my top thing. I also love to hang out with my family, and I’m a waitress at Jimmy’s Diner in Dodgeville, which I absolutely love to do because I get to interact with many people.

What is your biggest fear?
Death, most definitely it’s a scary thing and no one wants to go through that.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
That’s a hard one. My biggest accomplishment, I would say, is that I raised three wonderful, beautiful children. And I am blessed with six grandkids.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Bagley where I go camping, I love that place so much so that would be the perfect spot for me, It just has such a good environment for me to live.

Where’s your favorite place to travel to?
I know I have said this a lot but Bagley again. It is such of a fun place to bring your family and just have a blast with your friends.

What is your worst pet peeve?
I would say when I say good morning, and someone doesn’t say good morning back. I just make sure I always say it at first, so that way, hopefully, they say it back. Yep. If I just keep saying it every single day. Hopefully, eventually, they’ll say it first.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.