MP Middle and High School Veterans Day Celebration


Veterans day is a day to honor those living and those who are dead who have served in any branch of the United States military.

Mineral Point High School has an annual Veterans Day program each year to honor our veterans. Local veterans, the MPHS band and choir, middle and high school students and staff, and community members come together to honor those who have served our country.

This year’s Veterans Day program started with veterans posting the colors. The Veterans then recited the Pledge of Allegiance along with the whole school. The band performed the Star Spangled Banner under the direction of Matt Nevers. Everyone took a seat, and Griffin Albaugh gave a speech abou0t the background of Veterans Day and what it is about. The choir and Mrs. Ashley Calderon-McHugh sang the Armed Forces Medley. As each song of that Veteran’s branch was being sung members would stand and the audience would clap for them. After the choir was done singing, Gena Berns then gave a speech about what the veterans have gone through and what the word thank you can do to someone. Following the speech, retired marine Nate Chambers gave a speech about what this special day means to him and his veteran brothers, and also thanked everyone for being there. Finally, at the end of the program, the colors were retired. Everybody was then dismissed and could say thank you to the veterans on their way out of the gym.