Alumni Ella Chambers Part of Alabama Crimson Tide Productions

Alumni Ella Chambers Part of Alabama Crimson Tide Productions

What media program are you a part of?

 I’m a part of Crimson Tide Productions which is the main production team for Alabama athletics

What is the major difference between being a part of the Alabama media program compared to ours?

The major difference is the duties that I have and the tools available. At MP, I was mainly doing on-air tasks, but now I work behind the scenes for the games. We also have much more sophisticated tools that I am still learning to use

What is your job for Crimson Tide Productions?

 My job for CTP varies. On one shift I could be working the replay operation, and on the next, I could be doing TV graphics. There are multiple avenues you can try out to find your best fit and what you really enjoy doing. 

What tools/equipment do you use on a daily basis?

At CTP, we use TV cameras, dashboards, specialized computers, and much other production-related equipment. 

What is one thing that you learned at college that you wish you knew here?

One thing I have learned at college that I wish I knew in high school was to learn how to meet new people and gain connections. 

6. What is one thing you wish you did in high school that would help you in college?

One thing I wish I did in high school was to take more college classes through dual enrollment. Doing this in high school saves you a ton of money and you can give yourself a buffer if you are still trying to figure out what you want your major to be. 

What would you tell our media class to help improve?

The media class has improved so much since I’ve been gone, and I would just tell you to keep putting effort into the program. You will get so many great things out of it! Learn the ins and outs of all of the media stuff you guys are doing. I wish I had done that when I was in high school because it would definitely benefit me now!

How often do you use the information you learned from our media class?

MP’s media class definitely gave me a one-up on some of the things I do in college. It got me into CTP, and it helps when I make projects since I am a creative media major. My ability to edit videos, which I learned through multimedia, has benefited me in multiple classes so far. 

What should someone do if they wanted to pursue a career in media?

If someone wants to pursue a career in media, they should definitely try and get all the experience they can in high school with our program. Then, after you build a good foundation there, you will already be ahead of the game when you get to college. Also, look at colleges and their majors to see if they have a good media program available. Lastly, I would recommend joining as many clubs that have to do with media that you can. Making connections is what is going to help land you a job after you graduate. 

How would you say a typical day goes for you?

On a day when I have morning classes, I usually wake up, go to class, get lunch, then go to my last class for the day. After that, I go to the gym to work out. Then, I get dinner at the dining hall and head back to my dorm to get ready for bed and finish up some homework. On a day when I have later classes, I try to wake up early to keep my sleep schedule the same and be productive that day. Once I wake up, I head to the gym to work out, then I get breakfast. Afterward, I go to my dorm to get ready for the day and spend a couple of hours doing homework. Then I lunch and head to class. After class, I go to my room for a little bit and chill out until dinner. I then go get dinner and head back to my dorm to get ready for bed.