Get to Know Mr. Carey

Get to Know Mr. Carey

Have you ever met a guy more willing to get off-topic and so crazy about wrestling? Mr. Carey is the guy whose hobbies include wrestling and carpentry. I was lucky enough to sit with him and learn more about his home, family, and school life.

What do you love about teaching high school and middle school tech?

Every day is different; kids are different every day. And the projects we do are different every day.

What classes do you offer through those tech ed courses?

I offer everything from woodworking, life skills, technology, and engineering. I’m a jack of all trades. My favorite class is probably 

Do you like working with middle school or high school students more? 

 I’m definitely more on the high school level. I like to work with higher maturity level students, and it can be easier with students that are about to leave high school.

 Here’s a different question. What is one goal you have for the future?

A goal for the future is that I hope to get better at the technologies as they come to me so that I can do better and train the students on those technologies.

How will you work to accomplish this goal?

Mostly during our extra-curricular learning. Through CESA and or WTA, conferences, and things like that.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of school?

I really enjoy all sports. So whether that’s going to the volleyball game like last night or the football games on Friday nights. Watching my kids, when they’re in sports, that’s probably my favorite pastime.

What is your biggest fear?

Oh, man, probably losing family is the biggest thing for me. 

 What is one of the things you have experienced that you would never do again?

Oh, my! Shoot from the hip questions! Eat coconut. I hate coconut. The only food I won’t eat.

What is your favorite tool to use?

 I actually enjoy using the laser engraver. It is on the technology side of things. Sometimes it requires manufacturing before you get to the laser, and so other times, it’s the graphic design portion of it. But I like the laser engraver the most!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.