Sources of Strength

On Wednesday, March 1st, peer leaders participated in a program called Sources of Strength. This fun, interactive training challenges students to think critically about the struggles other students may face. Instead of ignoring and pushing these issues away, the students were taught ways to help their peers and provide an outlet for them. The final part of this training made students brainstorm in groups to determine what things we could bring to Mineral Point to create a more inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all students.

Students that were at the training seem to be very thankful for this opportunity which will begin to be incorporated throughout all of Pointer Nation. When asked about their thoughts on Sources of Strength, freshman Addie Burris responded, “It made me want to be kind to everyone.” In addition, junior Jake Phillips stated, “It was very interesting to learn all the different perspectives of multiple groups of people, and it was a very well-rounded organization.”

Peer leaders and teachers play “Cup” at Wednesday’s training.

Mineral Point Middle and High School is excited to have a whole day dedicated to health and wellness on March 22. We are looking forward to watching our students share what they learned.

Erika Brunson, Mineral Point counselor, is eager for this day to come and has high hopes for what this day will bring. She says, “Right away, I felt really happy with the turnout we had with students, and now I am hoping our ‘peer leaders’ can truly lead the next event.”