24 Teams Compete in Trivia Night


Twenty-four teams competed in the Second Annual Boys and Girls Basketball Trivia Night.  The Elite Eight took first place getting 64 of the 69 questions right on the evening.  The Card Says Moops finished in second place with 63 questions correct and Did You Touch My Drum Set was third with 60 correct.

Here is a complete listing of the results:

Elite Eight-64

The Card Says Moops-63

Did You Touch My Drum Set-60

Timmy Boy’s-58

DuBrew Crew V2-55

Pretty in Point-55

The Quivers-55

Big Iron-53

It’s Cool in Here and It’s Not the Weather-53

Jonesdale Jays-53

80’s Ladies and Boys-52

Bridge To Knowhere-51

This Team is the Pittz-50

Nacho Winners-45

Chico and the Gang-43

Team Beast-43

Smart Tines-41

Jack’s Pack-40


The Wing Dings-33

Old Dogs-32

Make Trivia Great Again-28

Broken Arrows-16

Grady Sucks at Madden-16


2019 Champs-The Elite Eight

2018 Champs-It’s Cool in Here and It’s Not the Weather