MP Homecoming is the Best!

Other high schools wish their homecoming was as fun as Mineral Point’s homecoming.

Homecoming is something people will remember for the rest of their lives. Mr. Schmitz, a high school teacher, states, “My favorite thing about homecoming is when it is all over with.” He chuckles then continues, “The thing I love about Homecoming is getting to see all of the alumni come back. That’s what I like to see.” Mineral Points’ homecoming includes both alumni and students. They celebrate the alumni throughout the whole week from the parade to the bonfire to the football game. The homecoming includes tons of school spirit! The week-long festivities include dress-up days, royalty, float building, parade,  power puff, football game, and the dance.

The fun-filled homecoming festivity starts the week with dress-up days. Each day brings spirit into the student environment, and everyone is joyful. The students vote on two representatives from each grade to become royalty. Being royalty, the chosen girls buy long dresses, ride as royalty during the parade, walk across the football field during the bonfire, and finally get celebrated before the dance! Elin Bowers, a 10th grade representative of 2021, reports, “My favorite part from being on royalty during the sophomore year is going to the parade. We get to go in the convertible and see the whole town and wave to them and smile.  Walking with your escort was nerve-racking but in the end, it was really exciting and the experience was amazing!”

The class plans out a float according to the homecoming theme to continue the fun on Thursday. For instance, last year, the theme was “Out of this World”. The sophomores decorated their float with a paper mache rocket. The juniors created a whole football field with aliens on it!

Joelle Doye

After all the fun of decorating all day with the class members, the football fun begins! The grades separate, and the girls play flag football. The day ends with the parade. 

The week nears an end with the pep rally before the football game. The cheerleaders host the pep rally that helps pump up the student for the upcoming weekend. They play games, do the cheers, and try to find who has the most school spirit! Mackenzie Aurit quotes, “My favorite part of the week is the Pep Rally! I love when it is inside the gym especially because the sound of the student’s cheers is amplified!” The football game continues with cheers anyone could hear for miles. We end the homecoming week, with the dance. The dance starts with the royalty walking down the center of the floor and showing off their pride. Mrs. Staver, as the DJ, loves this part of homecoming the most. She states, “I feel like the students of MPHS have so much fun! We are known for how much fun our dances are. Kids from other schools want to come here. The most fun for me is watching the kids and seeing how much fun they are having. The students dance from the time it opens till the time we kick them out.”