Holiday Games

The Mineral Point High School Holiday Games took place Friday, January 13th. It’s a fun competition between the high school grades that have been taking place for many years now. Each year a grade takes the spirit stick, and last year the Freshman took the spirit stick which was a major upset.

This year the games were the classic heads and tails, dodgeball, rebus puzzles, Bozo Buckets, relay race, marshmallow toss, giant puzzle, lightning, and one last round of heads and tails.  

To start was heads and tails. Everyone in the gym stands up and puts they are hands on their heads for head and hands behind their back if they think tails. Whoever is the last one standing wins. Sophomores took the first win in the starting heads and tails.  

In the first dodgeball round, the seniors won over the freshman. In the second dodgeball round, the juniors won over the sophomores. Last game of dodgeball, the juniors take the win for dodgeball. 

Breken Blackford-Hesselberg

Next was the rebus puzzles. Everyone in the gym takes time to guess the answer and put it on the sheet, and the class that got the most correct wins. The juniors yet again took the win.

Then came the relay races. You had to get past half-court without leaving a hula hoop, then run back, and someone had to shake ping pong balls out of a box, and all had to rearrange them. Once they’re rearranged, you had to belly slide a sleeping bag to the end of the basketball court from half-court. The seniors took the win in relay races. 

After the relay race was the marshmallow toss. Someone had to toss a marshmallow into the other person’s mouth and see who could get the most. The juniors got the most. 

Next was the giant puzzle. Each grade put together a giant puzzle of a Christmas movie cover. Whoever finished first took the win, and that was the seniors. 

Second, to last, was lightning. There were two rounds. Girls vs. girls and boys vs. boys. The freshman took the win for the girls, and the sophomores took the win for the guys. 

Breken Blackford-Hesselberg

The Holiday Games ended with one last round of heads and tails, and the freshman took the win.

Overall, the sophomores scored the most points, taking a back-to-back win from last year as freshmen. Can the Class of 2025 be beaten? Tune in next year for an update.