Dodge-Point Soccer Opens With Shutout Win


On Tuesday, the Dodge-Point United varsity soccer team delivered a crushing defeat to the Richland Center Hornets, winning with an astounding 10-0 final score. In fact the game ended early (about 5 or so minutes before the end and they called it) due to the 10 goal mercy rule in place. Quite the victory indeed. Unfortunately, the Dodge-Point JV team was left unable to play their scheduled match due to circumstances regarding RC’s lack of enough able bodied players to field a JV match, leading to the game being called off. Due to technical issues the planned YouTube livestream did not come to fruition, but hopefully the issue will be resolved by this Thursday’s game. Both Malachi Strompolis and Drew Hottenstein came out of the game with 1 goal apiece while Jared Wedig, Hayden Bakken, and Miles Houtakker all played lock-down defense and helped make that shut out a reality. Quite the spectacle folks!


By Derek Hottenstein