Boys Basketball Dominates Again


January 5

When the time came for the Varsity Boys Basketball team to return to the court on Tuesday, they did so in an exceptional fashion that netted them yet another victory. This time, their win clocked in at a 55-34 point triumph against Boscobel. Once again, we had Joah Filardo and Liam Stumpf making a lot of moves on the scoreboard, with Joah scoring 17 points and Liam scoring 16. Their win today basically boiled down to a heck-ton of teamwork, with Mr. Burreson finding the cause to be along the lines of “I thought we played very well defensively in the second half and that was the difference in the game.” Let’s see them keep it up when they go on the road to face New Glarus on Saturday.


By: Derek Hottenstein