Boys Basketball Beats River Valley



January 16

Saturday marked another home game for the Pointers as they faced River Valley. It was another one of those games where the Pointers defense showed up to play. The game was back and forth, but with one minute left, Cooper Palzkill hit a big three to put the Pointers up five and give them momentum. The Pointers ended up winning by 8. Coach Jelly said, “We did a better job of taking care of the ball today, and when that happens, good things will happen.¨ The Pointers will face Fennimore Monday. 


By: Gibsen Sporle 


Saturday marked the return of the Pointers following their disappointing loss on Thursday. They fared much better this time around, with them beating River Valley with a satisfying 70-60 final score. The two Pointers who were the game’s biggest contributors, Liam Stumpf and Bodie Bossert, scored 25 and 16 points respectively. They also fared quite well in rebounds too, as Liam had 11 and Bodie had 6. The game itself was a ferocious one, with many many fouls given out on both sides. But when the dust cleared, the Pointers were able to take the win. Part of this may have been due to our heavy reboundage, which Leyton Bowers felt was our highlight of the game. Whatever the cause of our victory was, let’s hope we can do it again on Monday against Fennimore.


By; Derek Hottenstein