Boys Basketball Emerges Victorious Over Cambridge


January 25

An extensive string of player quarantines left a chunk of the Pointer’s roster unable to play on Monday against Cambridge. Nonetheless, they were still able to squeak out a win following a game that kept us guessing. But when all was said and done, the Pointers won 68 – 63. All of the points on the board tonight came from the same general corner of the team, that being Dominik McVey (21 points), Liam Stumpf (13 points), Bodie Bossert (12 points), Ian Keyes (11 points), and Leyton Bowers (11 points). After all that, the team was able to keep it all together enough to pull out a win, regardless of all the players they lost because of quarantine mandates. Here’s what Head Coach Daniel Burreson had to say when reflecting upon the game, “I was pleased with the effort last night.  We are kind of adjusting on the fly, but I thought guys stepped up and handled things well.  Good balanced scoring and we were able to take some things away defensively.” We may not have had all of our usual full force, but we had some key reserves step up to help seal a nice victory. Let’s see the Pointers do it again (here’s hoping we don’t lose anyone else) against Riverdale on Thursday.


By: Derek Hottenstein