JV and JVR Volleyball Teams Travel to Belmont


September 13

The Freshman Pointers traveled to Belmont to face their JV & JVR teams, also the Pecatonica Vikings. Unfortunately, our JVR team fell short of the Belmont JV team with scores of Set 1: 25-27, Set 2: 11-25, and Set 3: 11-15. Next, the Freshman went on to play the Belmont JVR and won all three sets, Set 1: 28-26, Set 2: 25-13, Set 3: 15-8. Lastly, they played Pecatonica and battled out our final sets with scores of Set 1: 17-25 and Set 2: 17-25. 


By: Laci Lindsey, Izzy Dannenberg, Ally Baehler, and Raegan Galle