JV Loses to Cuba City Cubans 


Monday night, the Pointers faced the Cuba City Cubans and hoped to come out with the win. The first half did not go as planned, as the first drive in the first quarter was a Cuban touchdown. Right before the half, Pointers let up another touchdown to Cuba. The Pointers couldn’t do anything in the first half as the score was 26-0 Cuba. The next half looked good for the defense as the Pointers went downfield after a nice pass from Jaxon Wendhausen to Luke Filardo for a solid gain. In the very next play, Luke Filardo got a jet sweep and made it to the red zone. Cuba forced a fumble and got the ball back. Pointers got a stop and went downfield after Brock Lynch QB got a Pointer touchdown. The Pointers suffered a loss with a final score of 32-6.

By: Luke Filardo