Dodge Point Cross Country Year Reflection 

Dodge Point had their first Cross Country meet on September 1st, and even then, they showed skill and commitment by coming in 1st for both boys and girls. More Standouts include the Southwest Wisconsin Conference championships on October 14th. Boys took 1st place; Will audit came in 1st and Dylan Wasley in 2nd. Girls also took first with Ellie and Annie Robinson in 1st and second. Dodge Point then went on to division 2 sectionals in Prairie du Chien, and both girls and boys came in first overall. Some great performances came from Will Aurit, with 3rd, and Dylan Wasley in 6th. Ellie and Annie Robinson did amazing again, coming in 2nd and 3rd and Julia Thompson in 7th. Then, of course, the Pointers and Dodgers made it to the state championships on October 30th. Girls took first place. The boys landed 5th. Amazing job to all the runners, we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Written by: Keller Sweeney