Girls Battle and Defeat The Platteville Hillmen 


December 7, 2021

Last night, the Mineral Point Girls Basketball team traveled to Platteville to take on the Hillmen. Starting off the night, the JV came out with a win. The score was 61-36 with leading scorers Izzy Dannenberg with 15, Breanna Goninen with 13, Regan Schuette with 11, and Eliza Ingwell with 10.  Before the varsity game started, assistant Coach Mike Chambers noted that two good teams would battle it out, one would win, and one would make the statement. Coach Mike Keyes also added coming off a game where our defense wasn’t anywhere near where we wanted it to be, the defense had to be key in winning the game. Coming into the game after blowing out four teams, you could tell we needed a game like this, an intense matchup that kept us on our toes. The Varsity completed the night with a close win 64-60 with leading scorers Blair Watters with 19, Kennedy Wenger with 18, and Ella Chambers adding 11. #13 Ella Chambers commented, “We had a really nice win last night. They were a good team and it made us tougher for sure! Kennedy Wenger did a great job and went hard the entire night.” Come support the girls traveling to Darlington to take on the Redbirds. Make sure to wear your Safari outfit! 

By: Belle Watters, Ella Kroll, Laci Lindsey, and Izzy Dannenberg