Take II — River Valley Blackhawk Invitational

This weekend River Valley held the invitational cross country meet in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The course was about 3.10 miles,  and the fastest time was 15.46.90 minutes. The girls’ varsity placed 2nd overall, and Ellie Robinson, one of the DP runners, placed 1st.  The boys’ varsity placed 6th. The girl’s JV team placed 3rd, and the boys’ JV ranked 9th. The weather was not the best, since it was cloudy and about to rain at any time. Thankfully, the weather was in the runners’ favor and everyone got to finish the race without getting drenched head to toe.

The middle schoolers also competed at the River Valley invitational on September 10th. The girls placed 9th with the top three girls being Lilly Houtakker, Faye Schuette, and Rania Arndt. The boys placed 3rd with Rhet Spurley, Boden Chambers, and Logan Swineheart being the top three boy runners. Overall all teams were very successful and will be throughout the rest of the season.