Pointer Wrestlers Host Triangular, January 26, 2023

By: Elin Bowers and Christina Collier 

Last week on Janauary 26th, 2023, the Pointer wrestlers celebrated senior night and hosted a triangular against Evansville and PDC. First up to wrestle were Mineral Point and Evansville with Mineral Point winning 40-33.

Next up were Evansville and PDC. 

Lastly, Mineral Point and PDC wrestled, with PDC winning 46-23.

After the second dual, Evansville and PDC, the Pointers introduced the seniors and their parents onto the mat, followed by pictures and a heartwarming video. Coach, Curtis Fiedler, added some words of his own, “So this is special because it’s the first group I had here at Mineral Point. They were freshman when I was first named head coach here so it’s a special group to me. To have these kids come all the way through and to be able to be a part of these kids’ lives, if only for four years, and be able to do what I can to hopefully point them in the right direction. And you know I can’t wait to see how much these kids accomplish after high school, because if it’s anything close to what they’ve accomplished as wrestlers and as students at Mineral Point, they’re going to be in real good shape.”

 See the results below or visit trackwrestling.com for more information. 

Mineral Point vs Evansville (40-33 Mineral Point)

  • 285 Matt Aurit vs Tim Lund Win (Dec 4-2)
  • 106 Lennon Ewert vs Blake Frey Loss (Fall 41 sec)
  • 113 Chris Halverson vs Race Howrett Loss (Fall 2:30)
  • 120 Roen Carey vs Logan Olson Win (Fall 41 sec)
  • 126 Forfeit vs Lincoln Keller Loss (Forfeit)
  • 132 Kade Rule vs Danny Heiser Loss (Dec 10-3)
  • 138 Lucas Sullivan vs Wyatt Nelson Win (Fall 3:59)
  • 145 Tarrin Riley vs Matt Kaether Win (Fall 2:38)
  • 152 Quinten Kite vs Acryan Wessels Win (Dec 5-3) 
  • 160 Jimmy Tibbits vs Lee Jolgensen Win (Fall 1:19) 
  • 170 Quenten Gunderson vs Charlie Braunschweig Loss (Fall 3:44)
  • 182 Alan James vs Owen Heiser Loss (Fall 58 sec)
  • 195 Graham Fitzsimmons vs Brad Bartz Win (Fall 1:09)
  • 220 Mac Busser vs Tucker Peterson Win (Dec 12-4) 

Mineral Point vs PDC (46-23 PDC)

  • 113 Chris Halverson vs Forfeit Win (Forfeit) 
  • 120 Roen Carey vs Mason Hird Win (Fall 4:30)
  • 126 Forfeit vs Drake Ingham Loss (Forfeit) 
  • 132 Kade Rule vs Mason Baumgartner Win (Dec 14-1)
  • 138 Lucas Sullivan vs Rhett Koenig Loss (Dec 3-1)
  • 145 Tarrin Riley vs Drew Hird Win (Dec 10-1) 
  • 152 Quinten Kite vs Luke Kramer Loss (Fall 51 sec) 
  • 160 Jimmy Tibbits vs Jeremiah Avery Loss (Fall 2:50)
  • 170 Quenten Gunderson vs Bryce Lenzendorf Loss (Dec 0-12)
  • 182 Graham Fitzsimmons vs Brogon Brereer Loss (Dec 12-2)
  • 195 Alan James vs Jake Macechern Loss (Fall 35 sec)
  • 220 Mac Busser vs Blake Thiry Loss (Dec 0-16)
  • 285 Matt Aurit vs Jake Simmons Win (Dec 3-2)
  • 106 Lennon Ewert vs Parker Kossman Loss (Fall 3:01)