2023 Dodge Point Track and Field Preview

2023 Dodge Point Track and Field Preview

The 2023 Dodge Point Track and Field season has officially begun. Mineral Point and Dodgeville have outstanding athletes ready to compete in upcoming meets. Head Coach Matt McGraw has an excellent coaching staff to ensure the Dodge Point Track and Field student-athletes exceed their season expectations. We spoke to all the coaches, and here’s what they have to say. 

Meet the Coaches

Coach Matt McGraw has been coaching track for eight years; he got into track as a young athlete and then went on to coach college track. Coach McGraw, along with being the head coach of the Dodge-Point Track team, Matt works with young athletes on sprinting and jumping. McGraw said, “We always just want our athletes to do their best and keep seeing improvement and accomplish their goals.” 

Coach Denny McGraw has been coaching cross country for twenty-one years and track for sixteen years. Being around the kids and the other coaches has helped Denny improve his coaching skills. Coach McGraw said, “The kids come and practice, work hard, and they’ll get better and better. The goal is to try to get there, but I guess the biggest goal is to have kids have fun, work hard, and get better all year.” 

Coach Scott Tolzman has been coaching track for over 30 years. Coaching shotput and disc, he spends most of his practice time teaching his throwers his best technique. Coach Tolzman has become a better coach from being around older coaches and has learned many pointers from them. From running track in high school to coaching high school track, Coach Tolzman states, “To get to see everybody improve from the beginning of the season to the end of the season” is his hope for the end.

 Coach Joe Hanson has been coaching for twenty years, coaching middle and long distance, including some 400-meter runners. Coach Hanson has become a better coach by coaching student-athletes that want to improve on the track. Joe got into track when he was young and ran throughout high school. Joe wants everyone to succeed and ensure everyone is involved in the track team.

Coach Heather Lancreck has been coaching since 2004, coaching sprints. Heather has learned new teaching methods and watches higher-level athletes run to convey them back to her athletes. Heather started running competitively when she was young and has done it ever since. Heather hopes that everyone can try their best and perform their best to improve throughout the season.

Coach Sawyer Westra is the newest addition to the Dodge-Point Track team. Coach Westra is currently helping coach all sprint and jumping events. Dodgeville High School’s coaching staff has made him feel very included and become a better coach. Westra ran one Year of track in high school, then took a year off to try baseball but fell in love with track and returned to finish his high school career. Coach Westra wants all the athletes and the coaches to improve over the season and see some athletes become State Champions.

Meet a Few Pointer Track Members

Malea Aschliman has been running track for three years on her fourth. She has become a great hurdler and high jumper thanks to all the coaches to help her to get better. Malea has improved in track using trial and error during events. 

Jerrie Jo Johnson has been in track for four years. She ran for two years in middle school and two in high school. Jerrie was a former hurdler and is now a sprinter and high jumper. Jerrie’s favorite coaches are Denny, Matt McGraw, and Joe Hanson. They all keep her on her toes to continuously improve as a track athlete.

Runner Grace Wersal is a long-distance runner, and she runs the open 400, the 4×4, and the 4×8 for Dodge-Point Track. Grace improves her running times daily to make her times faster. Grace has made many lifelong friends doing track, but one that sticks out is a fellow long-distance runner Regan Schutte. 

The Dodge-Point Track team is ready to take on the challenge to put in the hard work and dedication to be the best they can be. Coaches and athletes are prepared to win!