Dodge-Point Cross Country Meet in Darlington


The boys Dodge-Point cross country team had a big day Saturday morning as they placed first out of 21 teams competing. The boys team was led by 4 medal winners: Henry Keith (1st), Will Aurit (4th), Charlie Keith (8th), and Joey Robinson (20th). Other members of the team were Chandler Williams, Cal Dampf, and Nathan Grunow. 

The girls Dodge-Point cross country team also had a good day placing 4th out of 16 teams. They were led Julia Thompson (7th), Chloe Oberhauser (18th), Haylee Kearns (25th), and Emily Cody (36th). Amanda Ludwig and Emma Ladd were also part of the team.

The Dodge-Point Middle school teams also got to compete at Darlington. The girls team finished 2nd out of 16 other teams. This team included Ellie Robinson (2nd), Annie Robinson (3rd), Zoey Dampf (18th), Sierra Davenport, Grace Wersal, Brooke Payter, and Regan Schuette.

The Darlington meet finished up with middle school boys. The Dodge-Point middle school boys came in 7th out of 15. Adam Cody (15th) and Lane Aurit (18th) led the charge for the boys team.