Dodge-Point Soccer Ends Season With a 1-3 Loss


October 29

It was a sad day for the Dodge-Point Varsity soccer team, as their match on Thursday against Sauk Prairie did not go the way many of us were hoping. The final score was a disappointing 1-3 loss for the so-far undefeated soccer titans. Though it wasn’t for lack of trying though, as there were a great many attempts made that makes one wonder why Lady Luck seems to have taken a particular slight against everyone’s favorite Varsity soccer team (by that I mean there were some shots that were mind-boggling close to becoming a goal but didn’t for some reason). It wasn’t all bad though, as our very own Drew Hottenstein scored the single goal for the team with a snazzy looking header. While our gravy train may have derailed, the season so far was one most teams wish they could pull off, as none of the guys let Covid stop them from mopping the floor with most of those who dare oppose them. It was fun while it lasted, I guess. Let it be known that they did not go quietly into the night, but instead delivered a fight worthy of the title of Regional Champions that they so rightfully claimed the game before. It may not have been the ending we were hoping for, but it was a respectable ending nonetheless.


By Derek Hottenstein