Boys Basketball Suffers a Loss to Darlington


January 14

The Mineral Point JV team faced off against Darlington in Mineral Point. It was a slow game as the two teams scored a combined 16 points in the first half. The second half was better as the pointers limited their turnovers from the first half. It came down to a tied game with 10 seconds left as Brady Radtke got fouled and headed to the line with 1.2 seconds left. Brady made both free throws. The Pointers won 24-22. Coach Jelly said, ¨It is always good to beat Darlington, but we have to continue to limit turnovers down to a few a game.¨


By: Gibsen Sporle


A great battle went underway on Thursday between Mineral Point and Darlington. Unfortunately, the Pointers were not able to be the victors this time, though not for lack of trying. They ended with a respectable score of 59-71 which unfortunately was not a true indication of how close the score was throughout the game. When one looks at players who helped contribute to that score, we’ve got players like Liam Stumpf scoring 19 points, Ian Keyes scoring 14 points, and Dominik McVay with 9 points. Though all that fancy shooting just didn’t seem to be enough against their foes, with Bodie Bossert saying that the main area they needed to improve on is the team’s “height”. I would have to agree, Darlington just seemed to out-body the team, which is always a disadvantage (most of Darlington’s players clocked in at over 6’ 4”!) It just was an unlucky result, but let’s see them pull off a better one in their next game on Saturday against River Valley.


By: Derek Hottenstein